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"Velvet Quiet" references Max Dupain’s 1937 photograph titled “Sunbaker”. Although both figures are in contact with primal forces, in “Velvet Quiet” the subject has spent his allowance of earthly sustenance and in a sunless scape, is silently preparing to depart the earthly world. “Velvet Quiet” depicts a contemporary contrast of life cycle and of Australian culture.

-Bennie, Angela (13 December 2004). “Looking at Dupain in a Fresh Light”.The Age Newspaper:

"Sunbaker is more than just a young man on the beach sunbathing. It is iconic, it is a symbol of the body in contact with primal forces. These are elemental, regenerating forces, and the body on the beach gains sustenance from the earth, the sun and water."

Angela Casey artist pejean photographer artist photography vanitas memento mori
"Velvet Quiet" 2014
Edition of 5 prints
C-type print