Angela Casey Artist

"While There Is Still Light"
Online only Solo show at Gallerysmith Project Space.…
Enquiries: Belinda at
170 Abbotsford St, North Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

Angela Casey's photographic still life works feature objects and locations of her home in Tasmania.

Her practice is largely residency based, responding to public institutional and privately owned collections. Socio-culturally significant items from; heritage properties, science laboratories, museum natural sciences collections appear. These objects have more than one story to tell. They cross over from their historic and specific origins and into contemporary life. There is a darker narrative being conveyed here. They now feature as surrogates for human occupation, residing with items of disposable and popular culture, acting as cultural signifiers with cautionary tales, exploring current global environmental and existential issues.

Her extensive use of black is to provide a quiet envelope for the contemplation of the narrative of the works within this world of noise. Black is the colour of silence.

These works present us with a powerful warning. Our insatiable hunger is hurtling us towards an increasingly dystopian world.